Scott Boni, Community Manager

900 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

The History of 900 Penn

The Wm. G. Johnston Building is located at 900 Penn Avenue in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Cultural District. A native of Pittsburgh, William G. Johnston, originally constructed the building in 1890.

Mr. Johnston was an adventurer, writer and entrepreneur in the printing industry. He entered his father’s printing business upon returning from the gold rush in 1850. He often referred to his journey as “The one eventful adventure of my life.”

In 1857 he founded the company that bore his name and later relocated the offices to 900 Penn Avenue. The building was constructed on the former site of Jim Jones’s Drug Store, a popular spot for young Johnston and his friends to sit and dream of gold and adventure.

internal-content-imageThe Renovation

Trek Development Group historically renovated this former printing factory into 25 loft apartments. Many of the original historic elements of the building are being preserved and refurbished, including the original wood and tin ceilings and exposed brick. Exterior elements that were lost over the years, such as the full size round-top windows, cornice caps and the pier cap will be reconstructed to restore the building to its original beauty.